I practice what I most care about: helping people enter into conversations that produce results. 

Recognizing what lies at the center of every encounter—the human heart—allows us to form productive partnerships and engage in committed, caring action.



Design & Facilitation

I will work with you to determine the right tone, activities and timing for your event to make sure that your meeting produces the results you have in mind. 

Exploring hopes and concerns at the outset helps align stakeholders to ensure productive conversations from start to finish.


Organizational Consulting

I help organizations become more aware of the forces that help or hinder their goals by exploring their systems and culture. I work with leadership at all levels to examine how their behavior influences the whole, determine what changes are needed, and how make those changes. 



I will accompany you (and/or your team) on a journey of self discovery and self efficacy. By Illuminating patterns of behavior we’ll identify discrepancies between stated goals and actions and develop tools to overcome whatever stands in the way of what you wish to accomplish and how you want to show up.